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William Chow


I have been going to Dr. Allen so many years. He and his staffs are so friendly. Dr. Allen did an amazing job for one of my tooth implanted last year. I highly recommend if you are looking for a professional dentist for all dental works.

Jasmine A.


Dr. Lee is literally the best! I've been to many many dentists throughout my life and he's by far my favorite! Every time I come in I feel like I'm coming in to visit my uncle or something!

I got my wisdom teeth pulled out earlier this year and I swear, I didn't feel a thing!!!! No anesthetic was used so I was awake the whole time and there was no pain whatsoever. On top of that I experienced no swelling in my cheeks like those stories you hear about getting your wisdom teeth pulled out lol. (But everyone is different so maybe I was just lucky that I didn't have any swelling).

About 2 weeks after getting my wisdom teeth pulled out I had a filling as well & if you're anything like me and have had a lot of fillings in your lifetime than you know that they can be so scary and painful but the fear ends here! There was so pain whatsoever when I got my fillings and I was so relieved. He's really a miracle dentist!

Kate T.


I have been going to Dr. Lee for years! He is professional and friendly. He is also very thorough and patient. You can just tell he truly cares about his patients and loves what he does. I have a lot of dental work to do and he map out a plan for me. He explains to me what the whole procedure is and why I need it. And after the procedure he would go through pictures and X-rays he took during the process and walk me through step by step what he did for me that day. If you are looking for a dentist, make an appointment to see Dr. Allen, you won't regret it!

Fan X.


Doctor Lee is our family dentist since I was move into the Bay Area. He is very professional and careful. He is always explain the details of his procedures and why he doing that. Plus, he will inform you how he is going to charge me and to bill to the insurance. Very easy to understand and thoughtful to his patients. Thanks for all his helps for years!

Andy G.


I have been going to Allen for years. The best dentist, both on latest equipment and techniques, as well as just sheer comfort and personality.

Works with you as well to reschedule appointments as well.

Miss P.


I first came here back in 2008 to get my wisdom teeth pulled. Dr Lee did an Amazing job didn't feel anything during the procedure or after. I'm back in the area and came back to Dr Lee for a cleaning. Him and his staff are really great. I will continue coming here as everything is great for me (location,parking,hours)

Daniel K.


My family and I have been coming here for years! The staff and Dr. Lee are great! I have switched insurances a couple times and always signed up with him. I even had to pay a bit more to come here at one point, but it was worth it. I really trust Dr. Lee, he has taken excellent care of us. I have had many dentist in the past that I dreaded going to, and they always recommended unnecessary work and charged up my insurance. Since I've been with Dr. Lee, I have had less and less dental work and now just come in for my regular cleanings, and BTW he's great with kids!

Dickson Y.


My mother-in-law had one of her molar teeth pulled our by Dr Lee. She said Dr Lee skill was so good it didn't hurt much. Very friendly, helpful, and professional. Highly recommended.

Vickay I.


Dr. Lee and his staff are magnificent! They treat me so well. They know me by my name and I've only been there a few times. The front desk woman is super courteous. The technicians are super professional and kind. Dr. Lee himself is such an amazing doctor and I can't say enough good things. He included me in on the process every time from my teeth cleaning to getting my cavities filled and lastly having my wisdom teeth pulled. He kept me in the loop, so there were no surprises, and he educated me on exactly what was going on. He has such a calm and soothing demeanor I do not fear him as I usually fear dentists. I had my bottom wisdom teeth extracted by him, and I'm not kidding you, I felt more pain emotionally from trauma I had with other dentists, getting flash backs, then any actual pain in my mouth. I didn't even hear the crunching noise with the tools against my teeth during the extraction that I've experienced with other dentists. Im so happy with coming to Dr. Lee!!!!

Indu G.


I am taking services from Dr. Lee since last one year. Got Cleaning and wisdom tooth extraction done. He and his staff is very polite, courteous and friendly. He is very good at his work. Will definitely recommend it.

Colleen M.


Several years ago I decided to find a dentist who would extract a tooth or perform a root canal, etc, instead of referring me to an expensive oral surgeon.

It took some searching but I did find a great dentist in San Mateo. Bay Star Dental is actually Dr. Allen Lee; it is not a dental group or a business corporation. When I met Allen, at my first appointment, he shook my hand and said, "Hi, "I'm Allen Lee." No title, no power trip, no sales pitch, no 2 year plan-I was charmed.

Allen is a true human being and a total professional who'll take care of all your dental needs-he even implants teeth. He's young (not too young but not going to retire any time soon and leave all alone) and he's smart, continuing to earn advanced degrees. His equipment is state-of-the-art but he doesn't have an army of assistants, which keeps costs down. His prices for dental work are very competitive and, for oral surgery, they're ridiculously low.

I recommend him without qualification.

Andrea A.


I love Dr. Lee...I was refereed by a friend to Dr. Lee...he extracted my tooth 3 weeks ago...I still need a lot of work done with my teeth so I will keep coming here with Dr. Lee since I don’t have dental insurance he has give me pretty good discounts on everything in need to have a beautiful smile.... he is very friendly and his staff too...I will recommend Dr. Lee to everybody...he is the best...

Rosie R.


My daughter and I have been seeing Dr.Lee for two years now (maybe more). He is thorough, his office is extremely clean, and his technology is up to date! I don't mind my dentist visits and my daughter really enjoys going to his office. Each room is equipped with a flat screen where he can either show you your teeth and explain his process or you can switch it to Food Network and watch Paula Dean (lol). I've recommended friends and family to him and they've also had great experiences. He doesn't look for extra things to drill or fix or seal....oh and he is very calming. Thank you Dr. Lee!

Sophie L.


My dentist is friendly and takes a lot of care to clean thoroughly!