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Zoom Teeth Whitening

Zoom Teeth Whitening


A much-anticipated method of improving the smile and appearance of the teeth, teeth whitening has been the most popular and sought-after dental cosmetic procedure to enhance and improve the shade of the teeth’s color. 

Why do patients resort to teeth whitening?

Teeth discoloration of the teeth is a widespread concern among many individuals. It not only affects the smile but also is known to affect ones’ confidence. Staining or discoloration of teeth has a science behind it. Dentists would like to explain that some of the common reason for teeth discoloration is due to a lack of proper oral hygiene. As patients fail to follow regular oral hygiene habits, they are prone to face discoloration of the teeth. Some of the other factors that cause the same are consumption of colored beverages such as tea, coffee, or even wine. Tobacco is also a contributing factor for loss of color of the natural teeth. 

Patients need not worry as cosmetic dentistry has advanced to provide a molecular level of correcting and improving the shade of your discolored teeth.

Zoom Teeth Whitening

San Mateo now offers patients an effective teeth whitening system with the help of Zoom technology. Modern laser has expanded its services in the field of dentistry as the number one whitening system. Zoom is a laser, teeth whitening technology that improves and brightens the shade of your enamel. Its technology is ideal for anyone who is looking for immediate results

You’ll be surprised to find out that the entire whitening procedure takes only about an hour to complete as compared to other methods making it more convenient and easy. Before any whitening session, your San Mateo dentist will ensure that your teeth is free of plaque and bacteria and hence, you will have to go through a cleaning session. This is important as a clean set of teeth will allow deeper penetration of the whitening gel. 

How does teeth whitening improve the shade of the teeth?

As the dentist use teeth whitening gels over your discolored teeth, it helps to bleach the upper layer of the teeth which is otherwise known as the enamel. By throwing a UV light over the surface of the teeth where the whitening gel is applied, the molecules of the whitening gel forms a layer over the teeth enhancing its color. It provides a natural glow to the enamel of the teeth, thereby, giving it a glow.

Come and experience the goodness of Zoom at Bay Star Dental with Dr. Lee in San Mateo, CA for that sparkling white teeth! Request your consultation today.

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